Save Time
Capture only those moments that really matter to you and your friends.
Save Space
Save short video clips to conserve your phone’s memory.
Control Video Capture Remotely
Place your iPhone on a tripod, a backstop, a fence, or your golf bag – with SeeItAgain running, it’s always recording. After you hit that great shot, just hit “Save” to grab a clip of what just happened.
Connect Securely
Your SeeItAgain Recorder is discoverable. Allow your friends to connect with their iPhones by providing them with a temporary username and password.
Setup Easily & Remotely
Choose the video duration, high res, or slow motion settings with your Apple Watch or a friend’s iPhone to remotely control your Recorder after you’ve placed it close to the action.
Use SeeItAgain Anywhere
SeeItAgain uses Bluetooth, which works when WiFi and Cell phone connections don’t. Grab amazing clips while playing in a gym, water skiing on a lake, or riding on a mountain.

Watch this Video And See How It Works

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